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From: Razvan Toma
Re: My contrarian formula to build a powerful Instagram brand and consistently make money from it

Dear Friend,

Did you know that the average sponsored Instagram post is $300 and can get up to thousands of dollars? Can you imagine how would your life be different if you´d start charging a ¨merely¨ $300  for every time you post on Instagram?

And what if all these posts would be with you enjoying free 5* hotels, luxury fashion items and much more?

In this brief message I´ll tell you how you can use the skills you already have to get so many paid partnerships with brands all over the world (travel, fashion & luxury) as your time permits.

But first, I´m going to tell you something alarming. 

Growing your social media followers is not what it was 10 years ago. Heck, it’s not even what it what like 1 year ago.
In 2020 - according to statistics, the average user has 150 followers. This clearly proves how so much difficult it gets to gain at least a critical mass of 10k followers. 

As all social media platforms evolve and so many top brands pour massive amounts of money into promoting their products via paid posts and partnerships, becoming popular becomes more difficult than ever.

And like the growing competition was not enough, they also have this ¨nobody-knows-how-it-really-works¨ thing called

the Algorithm

It’s like the big ugly monster from the kids nightmares. Seriously, isn’t it enough that you bust your ass to find good content to publish every now and then? 

Not to mention you also need to write some text for each picture too (like all of us are writers or so)…

Do you agree with me?

Yeah, sure we all read those boring how-to´s that teach you how to make a nice profile, post regularly, use hashtags, all that blah-blah…

All those social media gurus telling you to post at certain hours, chose a niche and stick to it and all the BS...

and I think you agree with me when I say that all these strategies are nothing but a big fat lie.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room and tell things by the name :

You already tried all that advice and realised that you´ll probably be able to hit 10k followers in like.... 10 years from now?


By the time you reach a merely 10k followers, Instagram might not even be the number 1 platform anymore and you would be back to square one...

You want to build your brand and enjoy the benefits NOW , not later, right?
Tell me Yes if you agree with me...

The truth is that nobody who discovered the real secrets wants you to know about them because 

Being Insta-Popular Can Bring You Big Loads of 
Riches And Prestige 

And why would any influencer want to give you their golden goose?

Why would they want you to know how you can use the platform to get paid partnerships, get free travel, stay at 5* hotels or become the ambassador of the New York or Paris Fashion Week brands ?

Yes ! Your account can bring you good money - regardless if you´re using it for business or as a personal account.

They all want to keep these secrets in their Inner Circle, because when too many outsiders discover them, their benefits would diminish. 

You can imagine - when fewer people can offer what the brands want, these companies will have to pay more for their services.

It’s the basic law of supply and demand

Lots of demand and fewer suppliers means higher profits for the influencers. 

Does it make sense?

It’s all that simple!

As TV , newspapers and billboards are almost dead for advertisers, brands all over the world want social media exposure more than ever.

There is a HUGE demand for social media paid partnerships with influencers. 

Brands are basically begging for publicity 
on social media

and influencers are enjoying better lifestyles than most Fortune 500 CEOs….while only working a fraction of the time compared to anybody else.

Did you noticed how their life appear so easy in their photos …?

Yes? That’s because their life really is that much easier than most of everybody else.

You see, in spite of what some people have led you to believe, becoming an influencer is pretty simple. 

In this book, I cut out all the fluff and make the entire process as simple as possible. (I barely graduated after repeating my last year... so it HAS to be simple for someone like me.)

Here's What It's All About...

Would you like to have a predictable flow of interested, high caliber brands reaching out to YOU and working hard to convince you to accept them? 

Dream brands who already know what your opportunity is all about?


Getting top brands to Contact YOU is Easy… If you know the best kept social media secrets I am about to share with you!

Imagine how your life would be different if you would be able to use social media to get constant

Free 5* Hotels, Free Flights, 
Free Fashion Items

from top brands all over the world, whenever you want, just having to decide which one to accept. 

This Book Tells All

So, if you are ready to discover the astonishing secrets of becoming Insta-Famous and receive a RUSH of brands looking to work with you… you simply need to see this…

The WiFi Formula For Getting A RUSH of New Followers... Building Your Brand FASTER And Making Companies Line Up To Give You Money...

It's the simplest way to build your brand FAST and start making money on Instagram from paid partnerships.

Take me up on this offer today and you're going to discover the very best, tested and PROVEN ways to do that... as quickly and simply as possible.

Here´s What You´ll Discover...


  • The #1 Mistake Almost EVERYBODY on Instagram Is Making Today (If you're doing this - and odds say that you probably are - it's the most important reason you are still struggling to become popular.)
  • How to Get up to 10K New (and Real) Followers FAST! (This is the exact step-by-step method I used to grow my Instagram account from 2,893 to 12,9k followers... in just 7 days and without paying a dime on advertising) - Meaning you´ll be able to qualify as an influencer in basically no time
  • How To Use The Oprah Winfrey System To Consistently Get 10K - 20K New Followers Every Month (Regardless of the frequent Algorithm sneaky updates) - Meaning you´ll be able to get more money for your posts every month!
  • How To Get Unlimited Content Ideas For Your Posts (and only choose the ones that are proved to work) - Meaning you´ll never ran out of content to post and the brands will love you for this.
  • How To Inject Hidden Psychology To Make Your Followers Excited About Your Content (Even if you were never good at writing) - Meaning your engagement will grow faster and so will your fees you charge.


  • How to Multiply Your Value By a Factor of 10X (The exact method to increase your powers without spending any money) - Meaning you´ll be able to charge 10 times more than what you´d charge without this method
  • The Proven Method To Negotiate Like A Pro ! Meaning you´ll never leave money on the table when closing any sponsorship agreement.
  • How To Use "Business IQ" To Create Opportunity Whenever You Want - Meaning you´ll never run out of deals for the rest of your social media life!


  • What you must understand well BEFORE you fire up your app (surprising how many people still struggle because of this oversight)
  • ​How to Attract Top Brands To Want To Work With You (The secret Magnetic Formula that makes companies sign up on your waiting list until you´ll make time for them!)
  • How to Create Truly Irresistible Offers That Almost No One Can Turn Down! (Spending time on Social media will be so much more FUN... when companies are lining up and practically begging you to take their money.)
  • Make Hotels Give You Their Best Rooms For Free Whenever You Feel Like Traveling (and treat you like a superstar from the moment you check-in) - Meaning your family will love you more and possibly attract more ¨friends¨ that would like to join you :)
  • ​How To Get The Latest Fashion Items (bags, sunglasses, footwear and mostly anything you want) Completely For Free... From The Brands You Choose
  • The Three-Step Formula To Get Your Convertible For Free When You Are Visiting (it´s actually super easy once you know this)
  • How I Negotiated A Brand New Lamborghini for $0 (And make them feel like they made the best deal ever!)


  • Use A Little Know Secret To Start Charging Between $50 to $450 For One Single Post (and you can do how many posts you want)
  • ​Get Random People On Social Media To Line Up And BEG You To Take Their Money! (with just one simple trick that will make all the difference in the world)
  • Under-The-Radar Tools You Can Use to "Reverse Engineer" Your Competition... Then Blow 'em Outta The Water And DOMINATE Your Market.


  • ​Make Money From WiFi! (Using just the knowledge you learn from this course.) 
  • ​The Step-by-step System To Consistently Make Between $3,500 to $12,000 Per Week ... (How much you earn is up to you!) - Meaning you can turn Instagram into a cash generating machine!
  • ​Ethically Steal Followers From Hollywood Celebrities And TV Stars... (While they approve it and even be happy about it!) 
  • ​The 3 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before Closing Any Deal
  • ​The 1 Thing You Need to Influence Anyone (A secret I learned from top FBI hostage negotiators)


  • Break out of the accepted and restrictive “norm” of making money. (The one that’s keeping you from earning the massive amount of money you could and SHOULD be earning.)
  • A Contrarian Formula To Make Profits Without Having Any Product Or Invest In Anything (This works like crazy and I tested it over and over again in the last 20 years)
  • ​The Hidden Secret That Allows To Turn Everything You Learned Into A Profitable $10,000 / Month Side Hustle... That You Can Run From Anywhere You Want!
  • The "Lazy Person's Strategy" That Allows You To Expand At Light Speed (and get so many people paying you like there´s no tomorrow!)
  • How to Double... Triple... And Possibly QUADRUPLE Your Results... As Quickly And Simply As Possible! 

Three Valuable Bonuses Worth $497... 
Yours FREE!

As a way of saying Thank You for investing in my book, I'm going to give you my Instagram cheat sheets and templates.

These bonuses will help you close bigger deals with brands as quickly as possible.

You'll get...

BONUS #1 - Paid Partnerships Email Templates

Value $99

     I´m going to give you my proven email templates to deal with brands when asking for sponsorships (free hotel rooms, travel packages, car rentals, fashion items etc).

     You´ll be able to easy customize them by filling in the blanks for different product or services you are negotiating. 

It also includes the tactics to 10X your marketing value so you can get more for the same offer. 

BONUS #2 - Paid Partnerships Contract Templates

Value $299

     You´ll get a Contract Template that you could use to close any paid partnership with brands. 

Indeed some big brands like Chanel, Mercedes-Benz, Four-Seasons (and others) will definitely send you their model for partnerships, but other brands might ask you for your contract. So you need to have it ready right away and not wait until an expensive lawyer drafts it for you.

BONUS #3 - High Converting Headlines For Your Posts

Value $99

     The more engagement you have on your posts, the more money you will be able to charge for your paid partnerships. Brands want to reach as many people as possible - so the more people you are able to ¨move¨ the more money you´ll win. 

I´m giving you a collection of high converting headlines you can straight out copy and use for your posts whenever you want to.

All 3 Bonuses Are Yours FREE When You Get Access To "WiFi Instagram Secrets" Today

If you do the tactics that you´ll learn from this book… I know that a year from now, your life will look completely different!

Now let me ask you a question...
If all that this book did was finally give you a working and ethical way of getting 10,000 (or more) interested people to follow you, in less than 30 days...

Would It Be Worth It?
Absolutely!... There’s No Question, Right?

If all that this book did was giving you the opportunity to stay 
just one weekend in a 5* hotel with your family or friends...

Would It Be Worth It?
Of Course It Would...

If all that this book did was giving you the ability and 
step-by-step instructions to earn at least $3,500 to post 1 picture per week... 

Would It Be Worth It?

Right now, you have two choices...

Option #1: You Don’t Do Anything.

You can be like,

“That´s awesome Razvan! Cool story. I know I can use Instagram and turn it into a profitable side hustle, get paid partnerships, enjoy free hotels and all that,  but I’m just going to sit here and read. I just came to see what´s new.” 

For the cost of an inexpensive meal for two, you can get access to so much value that your life will be completely different in just a few months from now.

Let me ask you this ...

If one of your friends invited you to lunch to tell you about a completely new opportunity that could change your life forever, would you accept to pay the meal at the end?

Of course!
But you can of course pass on the opportunity if you want to.

The problem with that is, 

If you change nothing, nothing is going to change in your life

A year from now, when all of the people who TOOK ACTION today are telling their story from when they went ALL IN with the information they took from this book…

...and now they are doing $10,000 a month…

Or $3,500 a month…

Or $100,000 a month... 

And they’re able to supplement their income…

And they’re being able to change the lifestyle that their family lives...

...because they made the choice to get started. 

You’ll regret that you did nothing...  

That’s what it looks like if you don’t.

Or, there is...

Option #2: Just Give It A Shot!

and pony up a small investment to get it going with the opportunity.

Especially when you also have a...

30-Day 100% Risk Free
¨No Matter What¨ Guarantee 

No crazy conditions, no weasel clauses, no hassles… and no hard feelings. Simple as that.

That´s the best risk-free guarantee that it can get.
Meaning that if during the next 30 days - for ANY reason -  you feel like this book has not delivered what it promised...

Just email me anytime and

I’ll Refund Every Penny You Invested!

Sound fair?

Here's What You Need To Do Next...

     From here, you're just a few clicks away from instant access to everything you need to begin.

     Click on the button below and get access to the digital version of ¨The Wi-Fi Instagram Secrets You´re Not Supposed To Know¨ (including all the FREE Bonuses), and we can finally get started!

     Thanks for taking the time to read my letter today. I look forward to hearing from you soon and learn about your success story!
Friendly greetings,
Razvan Toma
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who scroll down to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

     You´ll get immediate access to the digital version of ¨The Wi-Fi Instagram Secrets You´re Not Supposed To Know¨ Book teaching you How To Get A Rush Of New Followers And Paid Partnerships Using The Famous ¨Oprah Winfrey Method¨,  Even If You ´re Just Starting Or Tried It All.

There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.
If fact, if you don't love it - I'll even refund you every penny you invested (and let you keep the book anyway).

The saying that everything comes to the one who waits may have been true a hundred years ago, when people had plenty of time to wait for the good things in life.  But today the only one that things come to is the one who goes after them. 

This book is your reservation for for some of the good things in life, but you must act NOW!
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