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Working hard is bulls*it and will never make you rich

Working hard is bulls*it and will never make you rich

Just by working hard you will never going to be rich. Work smart instead!

I know everybody says you’ll have to work more and more and more so you can achieve success in life or career, but putting more working hours in won’t bring you much achievement. Working smart on the other way would definitely improve your chances exponentially.

Just think about this: you only have about 12 hours per day, 7 days a week to put in. No matter what, you can only be paid for maximum 30.000 hours per year. Now how much could you sell your hourly rate? Then multiply this by 30.000 and that’s your maximum achievement possible — assuming you could really work 365 days a year, 12 hours a day which I suspect you won’t.

Trading your hours for money is definitely the worst idea possible.

Now let me tell you a real story which I recently read on Quora:

One day a guy enters a shop and asks the manager to wash their windows. The manager accepts it. The guy then asked for payment in advance as he needed tools and washing spray. The manager accepts again and pay him 20$ in advance.

The guy takes the 20$, he buys whatever he needs and completes the job successfully. The manager was satisfied about the work he did and recommended him to other shop managers nearby. He made about 100 USD that day + cleaning tools and accessories. Not bad for a day of work, right?

Next week, the guy came again for the same job — windows washing. Just that the guy was now dressed in a nice suit and was accompanied by 3 associates. While his associates were washing the windows for him, he was looking for new jobs in the neighborhood. He now had 15 shops to clean in a single day. This means he made about 300 USD still in a single day. He paid his associates with 50 USD each and he still made the 150 USD which is 50 USD more than he made in his first day , when he was working himself.

Can you anyone say he didn’t worked or he didn’t earned his money? Absolutely not!
You can imagine that next week he would clean 20 shops instead of 15 and so on.

Now that’s what I call working smart!

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