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Quit your job and start a business as a freelancer on oDesk

Quit your job and start a business as a freelancer on oDesk

Now it’s the best time to quit your actual job and start your own business as a freelancer on oDesk / Elance

Do you think your job sucks? Do you think you are paid to little compared to your skills or performances? Very well.
Then now it’s the best time to prove you are much better and you deserve to earn more money.

The steps are very easy — you go to oDesk or Freelancer and create yourself a freelancer profile.

Take the oDesk tests 2015 and complete your profile with all the relevant skills and experience.
After your freelancer profile is all set, you can start looking for oDesk jobs in your area of expertise and get hired by international customers.

The available categories right now on Elance / oDesk are :

— Web & Mobile Development
— IT & Networking
— Data Science & Analytics
— Engineering & Architecture
— Design & Creative
— Writing
— Translation
— Legal
— Admin Support
— Customer Service
— Sales & Marketing
— Accounting & Consulting

Have you ever tried any freelancer platform? What do you think about them?

I my opinion such freelance platform will definitely be the next way to hire. This is already the way I am hiring team members and I am very pleased with the process.

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      Well, it depends where are you coming from. While it may be true if you live in a very expensive country (say Northern Europe for example), I do think that many jobs are paid reasonably. There are many freelancers (even from low pay countries) asking for tens of dollars per hour — which is definitely unreasonable. So this is a very subjective topic. I truly believe that you can earn more on oDesk than you earn on a regular job.

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        Have you done it? Cause I have, and it takes a long time before you find the right clients and before you get the reputation that allows you to ask for a fair price for your work. And asking for tens of dollars per hour is not unreasonable if you provide quality work, no matter where you are from. It’s for the clients to decide if the work is worth it. They usually think they can get away with less, they pay pennies for crap work, and then come back and understand that good work takes time and effort. Plus, when you work as a freelancer, you have to pay for insurance yourself, not to mention other expenses such as where you work, internet connection etc.

        I’m not saying don’t try it. I’m not saying don’t work as a freelancer. But I am saying don’t quit your job with the dream that you’ll make a living on Odesk. Please stop giving such radical advice, some people might actually believe it.

        The image with the laptop on the beach is just a misrepresentation of freelance work and we should all have a realistic view of what “starting you own business” really entails.

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